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Soaring Dreamcast prices....

Any Dreamcast collector worth their salt is all too aware that the price of collecting for the system, and retro gaming in general, has taken off in the last few years like a crystal meth induced Sonic.

It's an interesting topic, these games are now more widely available than ever, for "free" in most cases, and yet the prices have risen substantially over the past couple of years. It wasn't that far back that I was selling mint condition copies of Street Fighter II X on this very site for $60, now you'd expect to pay 4 or 5 times that amount just to get a reasonable copy. It's a trend that can be seen on a global scale, but especially for the Japanese titles which backed by a strong yen, and a high demand in it's native country have lead to this big rise in the value of the orange and white variants.

Amassing a solid Dreamcast collection these days costs big money!
To be sure, just a few years back it was possible to pop into an Ahikabara retro store and …

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